It's time for technology to match our processes, not the other way around.

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ZipDeal was originally created to solve time of sale problems.

Our goal was to address challenges that persist within dealerships; particularly how to keep the customer engaged and excited about their new vehicle purchase while waiting for F&I.

We realize that frustration grows as the customer waits. This is evident in customer satisfaction scores and industry research. We needed to figure out a way to engage and occupy the customer during this downtime in a way that was satisfying and meaningful to both the customer and our dealerships.

Dealerships struggle to consistently get their sales teams to execute the variety of key processes that are supposed to occur after the handshake. Keeping the entire team on the same path is challenging to say the least. It’s even more challenging with perpetually shifting rosters so often experienced in the auto industry.

Eventually, we realized that the written process wasn’t enough. We needed to develop a system, a piece of technology, that could corral all of these key touchpoints into one streamlined tool.

Just like that, ZipDeal was created.

A tool that was built in a showroom, just like yours. We had two simple goals–improve the customer experience and drive increased profit per sale.

As our dealer community grows, we continue to collect real data, both quantitative and qualitative, to continue building our product for all of our users adapting to their individual time of sale processes.

What people are saying

"After using ZipDeal, Finance Gross per Retail Unit has increased $151. It will also increase our Appearance Protection Package gross $250,000 this year."
Brent Baker
Managing Partner, Adventure Subaru

“Our industry has spent untold dollars on marketing tools, leads widgets, BDC development, etc. We felt it was high time to address the elephant in the room...the inefficient time between 'yes' and finance. So we created an industry-first hybrid digital environment to engage our customers during the awkward F&I wait. It's been a game-changer for the customer experience and dealership profits."
Danny Benites
VP of Operations, ZipDeal

“We have been using Zip Deal for about three months. The immediate benefit is it fills in that “dead time” between the sales process and finance process, all the while assisting the salesperson on how to set up the new car and soft sells aftermarket products and accessories. We’ve seen increased aftermarket sales in finance and accessory sales since we have begun the process. Finally, it asks the customer to rate their experience and texts a review link to the customer, our 5-star reviews have exploded over the past 90 days, huge hit! Increase gross profit, helps delight customers while telling other customers about it. ZipDeal is a win.”
Frank Shaffer Sr
General Manager, Cook Volkswagen