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Improved Profitability Through an
Enhanced Customer Experience

ZipDeal’s Delivery System streamlines the post-sale, pre-F&I delivery experience by unifying the critical touchpoints that drive satisfaction and profitability.

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Exceptional Customer Experience + Consistent Process Execution = Increased Profitability

ZipDeal provides a post-sale, pre-F&I vehicle delivery system to automotive dealers in North America to streamline their end of sale experience improving dealer profitability through a consistent and unique customer experience. ZipDeal’s post-sale pre-F&I vehicle delivery system ensures consistent customer engagement, encompassing all the critical vehicle delivery touchpoints that drive dealer profitability:

  • Confirm accurate titling/registration and vehicle information to ensure expedient funding
  • Consistent accessories presentation to drive increased profits
  • Consistent paint & fabric presentation to drive increased profits
  • Consistent F&I interview to increase F&I profits
  • Consistent execution of a dealer’s personalized settings setup process
  • Consistent exit interviews with at-risk customers
  • Consistent online review solicitation of our promoter customers
  • Consistent presentation of specific product/feature video tutorials


Eliminate Pre-Delivery Downtime

ZipDeal engages the customer in the post-sales, pre F&I delivery process

Create Additional Revenue Streams

ZipDeal increases accessory, paint, & fabric sales by 25%

Increase F&I Profits

ZipDeal brings a more informed, engaged, and satisfied customer into the F&I office

Improve Cashflow

ZipDeal reduces time contracts are in transit (CITs) and improves expedient funding

Improve Customer Experience

ZipDeal improves customer satisfaction and tenure through a consistent and personalized delivery experience

Improve Online Reputation

ZipDeal improves dealer's online reputation, creating more customer consideration

Engage your customer in their own delivery process to eliminate post-sale, pre-F&I painful downtime and improve your customer experience


How It Works

ZipDeal helps combat the typical post-sale pre-F&I challenges that plague auto dealers everywhere by providing a streamlined delivery system that engages the customer in the process early and keeps them engaged, eliminating the idle downtime that deteriorates customer satisfaction and dealer profitability. ZipDeal’s delivery system does this by ensuring every customer is exposed to the critical touchpoints that drive a superior customer experience and increased profitability, 100% of the time. We accomplish this by giving control of this process to the party who benefits most– your customer. Here’s a look at the path they’ll walk:

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Input Customer Information

Customer, Vehicle, Trade and Deal Information is pushed into the ZipDeal Delivery System triggering that vehicle’s Accessory and Personal Settings load

gif- input customer info

Trade-In & Insurance Options

Customers have the opportunity to answer key questions about their trade-in vehicle to ensure an accurate, expedient, and exceptional delivery experience. The customer will provide their vehicle information and enjoy an opportunity to shop their current provider through our proprietary software CompareQuote, yielding significant savings for most of our customers, freeing up surplus dollars to leverage for other F&I products that best benefit them!

gif- trade in

Accessory Showroom

ZipDeal offers additional Gross Enhancement Modules to auto dealers to increase profitability. ZipAccessory Showroom provides customers the opportunity to personalize their vehicle at delivery when ZipDeal displays their model's most popular accessories, including the price, payment, or both. You control the view!

gif - accessory showroom

Interior & Exterior Protection

Also included in ZipDeal’s Delivery System is the opportunity for Auto Dealers to promote their own Interior & Exterior Protection packages and upload video presentations for 100% of their customers to view. Dealer’s who take advantage of ZipDeal’s Ceramiseal Interior & Exterior protection package will enjoy a top of the line superior product with a significant profit opportunity AND receive ZipDeal’s Delivery System for FREE!

gif - paint and fabric

Personalize Your Delivery Experience

ZipDeal uploads each of your new vehicle model's personal settings and gives your customers the opportunity to select their desired settings to be programmed on-site before they leave with their new vehicle. Customers will also enjoy the opportunity to select their favorite AM/FM and SiriusXM presets to be programmed on-site as well. Leaving a lasting impression that differentiates you from your competition!

gif - customize

Build Your Online Reputation

ZipDeal offers additional Gross Enhancement Modules, ZipReputation, to increase profitability through broader market consideration. With ZipDeal’s reputation management tool, a pre-F&I survey of your customer’s purchase & delivery experience is conducted with every customer, based on a 5-star scoring model. 5-star reviews are then solicited on the spot to share their feedback online. Those that agree are immediately sent a link to the online review service of your choice (Google, DealerRate, Yelp, Facebook, Cars.com, etc.). We can also link these reviews to your store’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts!

gif - build reputation

ZipDeal Delivery

Once the ZipDeal delivery process is complete, ZipDeal appends the information in your DMS and automatically sends the applicable documents to your printer for placement in your deal packet for the use of your F&I Team. Key Customer and Vehicle information will be automatically sent to your ZipDeal label printer, which will produce an adhesive label to adhere to the deal jacket, eliminating the need to hand write the information on the deal jacket. Your personalized settings documents will automatically be sent to your printer for your salesperson to start the setup process. While the customer is in F&I, the salesperson will program the customer’s vehicle based on the personal settings and radio station presets they selected, offering an exclusive, unique, customized and personalized delivery experience!

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Why You Should Consider ZipDeal

  • Provide a Unique and Exceptional Delivery Experience
  • Improve Cashflow through greater data and deal accuracy
  • Increase Gross Profit with ZipDeal’s Gross Enhancement Modules
  • Increase Gross Profit with ZipDeal’s top-shelf Ceramiseal Paint & Fabric Protection
  • Increase F&I Gross Profit by ensuring 100% of your Customers get an F&I Interview 100% of the time
  • Increase F&I Gross Profit by speeding up and streamlining your delivery experience
  • ZipDeal presents 100% of your products to a 100% of your Customers 100% of the time – GUARANTEED!


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