ZipDeal Minimum System Requirements


The ZipDeal platform is compatible with the latest version and one version previous of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, and Android OS devices. To ensure the proper operation of ZipDeal and the application of necessary bug fixes and security patches, it is important that the user maintains updated internet browsers.


ZipDeal can be accessed on desktop computers, laptops, iPads, and Android tablets that meet the above-mentioned browser requirements and have internal or external speakers for multimedia functionality. For optimal use on tablet devices, it is recommended that the user utilizes a tablet with a screen size of at least 10 inches.


A high-speed internet connection with a minimum download speed of 2 Mbps and upload speed of 1 Mbps is required to use ZipDeal, including broadband wired or wireless connections such as 3G, 4G/LTE, or 5G.