Let Your Customers Drive

On average, customers spend 3.1 hours at the dealership when buying a vehicle.
Over 50% of that time comes AFTER the customer says ‘YES!’ This awkward wait time creates frustration and steals your profits.

The solution?

A simple, self-guided experience that gives control back to the customer. In fact, 73% of customers prefer self-service. Happier, more engaged customers, which leads to increased revenue-generating sales opportunities at the dealership.

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Keep Your Customer Engaged

ZipDeal platform keeps your customer busy as active participants in their own buying experience during the awkward wait for F&I. No more awkward glances or comments like “How much longer is this going to take?”

Fully Customizable for Your Dealership

ZipDeal is designed to automate your post-yes processes. We know that all dealerships operate a little differently. ZipDeal will power and streamline your objectives.

Personalized Delivery Experience

ZipDeal allows customers to personalize their radio and SiriusXM presets and choose features to focus on during their physical delivery. This is crucial for your CSI.

Accessory Showroom

The ZipDeal accessory showroom has proven its value to our dealership partners time and time again. Customers are able to review customizable accessory options. Our dealerships are increasing accessory awareness by 100% after implementing ZipDeal, further leading to additional accessory sales.


Appearance Protection Packages

Dealers are able to promote interior and exterior protection packages, with the ability to showcase supporting videos or marketing materials. This feature helps dealerships educate customers on the benefits of protection packages and guarantees 100% of clients are exposed to the options. Our dealers are experiencing huge increases in penetrations from day one.

Collection of Customer Attribution

ZipDeal finds out which marketing channels led the customer to your dealership, no more silly paper surveys. Get information on the sources that the customer recalls using that led them to you. You can stop fully relying on vendor-slanted reporting.

Vehicle accessories are a 48 billion dollar-per-year industry. It’s time your dealership gets its share.

Customer Sneak Peek at F&I Product Videos

ZipDeal can expose your customers to additional finance products with short, informational videos like VSC, Road Hazard, Key Replacement, and more. Dealers experience increases in Finance PVRs in excess of $400 per vehicle with ZipDeal.

OEM App Download Assistant

ZipDeal automatically begins the download process for your brand’s connected car app, regardless of your salesperson's commitment, experience, or skill level. Our dealers experience double-digit download percentage increases across the board.

Online Reviews

ZipDeal offers a built-in sales reputation management tool. Customers are presented with an early-exit survey, based on a 5-star scoring model. 5-star reviews are solicited on the spot to share feedback online, increasing positive reviews for our dealership partners. Customers are 3X more likely to leave a positive review BEFORE entering the F&I office.

Customer Referral Gathering

ZipDeal passively asks your customers to lead us to friends or family members that may be in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle...even when the salesperson forgets to ask.

Insurance Quoting

Your dealership can have the opportunity to sell the vehicle, finance the vehicle, service the vehicle and now insure the vehicle, thus creating a fourth pillar of retention. Customers provide vehicle information and are able to shop their current insurance provider and compare options. The ZipDeal platform creates a feeling of trust, and auto insurance savings can give room for customers to spend more at your dealership.

Real-Time Notifications

Throughout our platform, ZipDeal immediately communicates important Sales and F&I behavioral data. Personalized settings and other timely alerts are sent out to various members of your team as you see fit.

Implementation in a Snap


13 Days

12 Hours

47 Minutes

Two weeks.

That’s how long it will take us to have ZipDeal humming at your dealership.

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Highly Customizable

Every dealership has unique processes. The ZipDeal technology is built to be flexible and customizable to YOUR processes, not the other way around.

We help you create a seamless transition for your staff, which means you start getting ROI on Day 1.

What people are saying

“We have been using Zip Deal for about three months. The immediate benefit is it fills in that “dead time” between the sales process and finance process, all the while assisting the salesperson on how to set up the new car and soft sells aftermarket products and accessories. We’ve seen increased aftermarket sales in finance and accessory sales since we have begun the process.
ZipDeal is a win.”

Frank Shaffer Sr
General Manager, Cook Volkswagen

What people are saying

“With ZipDeal, our Interior/Exterior Protection penetration has increased from 4% to 31%, our F&I is up $160+ per unit, First Service Appointments have gone from 15% to over 90%, and our Kia UVO download percentage is now 95%."

Pat Koballa
Owner, Coastal Kia

What people are saying

“After using ZipDeal, Finance Gross per Retail Unit has increased $151. It will also increase our Appearance Protection Package gross $250,000 this year."

Brent Baker
Managing Partner, Adventure Subaru