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ZipDeal has completely streamlined our process and provided our F&I Managers with insight on our Finance Products resulting in an obvious increase in Finance Profit.
David Butler
Now that I’ve seen ZipDeal work perfectly in a live showroom setting, I can’t think of one good reason why every dealer isn’t using this!
Bob Eckhart
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With ZipDeal, our Appearance Package penetration has gone from 4% to 31%, our F&I is up dramatically, 1st Service Appointments have gone from 15% to 90% and our App download is 95%.
Pat Koballa
This is the best showroom technology that I’ve seen. This has been an absolute game-changer.
Greg Hoffman

Multiple Pre-F&I Processes. One streamlined channel.

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Speed, Transparency & Control

ZipDeal makes the customer an active participant in their own delivery creating a seamless and expedited experience.

Consistent Exposure to Profit Opportunities

ZipDeal automates the presentation of additional products & services that dealers have to offer

Process Unification & Automation

ZipDeal creates a uniform process platform that ensures that customers experience the same components 100% of the time.

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