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Improved Profitability Through an Enhanced Customer Experience

ZipDeal’s Delivery System streamlines the post-sale, pre-F&I delivery experience by unifying the critical touchpoints that drive satisfaction and profitability.

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Eliminate Pre-Delivery Downtime

ZipDeal engages the customer in the post-sales, pre F&I delivery process

Create Additional Revenue Streams

ZipDeal increases accessory, paint, & fabric sales by 25%

Increase F&I Profits

ZipDeal brings a more informed, engaged, and satisfied customer into the F&I office

Improve Cashflow

ZipDeal reduces time contracts are in transit (CITs) and improves expedient funding

Improve Customer Experience

ZipDeal improves customer satisfaction and tenure through a consistent and personalized delivery experience

Improve Online Reputation

ZipDeal improves dealer's online reputation, creating more customer consideration




Exceptional Customer Experience + Consistent Process Execution = Increased Profitability

ZipDeal provides a post-sale, pre-F&I vehicle delivery system to automotive dealers in North America to streamline their end of sale experience improving dealer profitability through a consistent and unique customer experience. ZipDeal’s post-sale pre-F&I vehicle delivery system ensures consistent customer engagement, encompassing all the critical vehicle delivery touchpoints that drive dealer profitability:

  • Confirm accurate titling/registration and vehicle information to ensure expedient funding
  • Consistent accessories presentation to drive increased profits
  • Consistent paint & fabric presentation to drive increased profits
  • Consistent F&I interview to increase F&I profits
  • Consistent execution of a dealer’s personalized settings setup process
  • Consistent exit interviews with at-risk customers
  • Consistent online review solicitation of our promoter customers
  • Consistent presentation of specific product/feature video tutorials