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The Lightbulb Moment

ZipDeal was originally created to solve our team's problem.

ZipDeal was developed to address a challenge in a store that’s existed for decades; how to keep the customer engaged and excited about their new vehicle purchase after they consummate a deal, while waiting to go into F&I and sign paperwork.

Dealers see that the longer the customer had to wait between end of vehicle negotiations and signing their final paperwork in F&I, the more frustrated they grew. This was evident in customer satisfaction scores and profitability. We needed to figure out a way to engage and occupy the customer during this downtime in a way that was satisfying and meaningful to both the customer and business.

Like most Dealers, the dealership that ZipDeal was founded in struggled as a Sales Team to consistently execute against their key processes that drive customer satisfaction and dealer profitability. Orchestrating an entire sales team to move in unison with consistency proved to be a challenge. They needed their salespeople to complete the pre-delivery paperwork, verify all the customer titling and registration information accurately, pitch accessories and paint & fabric, conduct an F&I interview, verify or acquire insurance, satisfy the manufacturer’s delivery experience requirements including programming the customer’s vehicle settings, pre-surveying to include soliciting online reviews, ensuring the management team conduct exist interviews and doing a complete review of the vehicles key features and functions.

Unfortunately, it’s a tall order for any dealership and made even more challenging with the perpetually shifting roster so often experienced in the auto industry. Every dealer develops solid processes built to support each of these activities and getting your team to execute consistently the customer would stay enthusiastic and engaged, and the dealership would make more money.

This dealership realized they needed to develop a system that corralled all these key touchpoints into one streamlined post-sale, pre-F&I delivery process that was trackable, measurable and assured absolute and consistent execution with every customer.

This is how ZipDeal was born.




Do the right thing. Always.


Strive to operate in perpetual state of excellence.


Build a solution that revolves around the customer experience.


Open and honest. Always.


We partner together with clients.


Build a product and personal relationship that our partners can depend on.


ZipDeal Team

Comprised of Automotive Veterans

Danny- site HS-1

Danny Benites

VP of Operations

Danny Benites has spent the last 30+ years working in the automotive industry, holding many positions such as General Manager, Dealer Partner, and everything in between. Danny is also a nationally recognized speaker, delivering keynote speeches and workshops at the nation’s most recognized events.


Chip King


Chip King spent his career in automotive retail from 1977-2008, holding every position in variable operations from GM to DP. In 2008, Chip founded the company CallRevu in his dealership, working as the CEO until he sold the business in 2019. His vast experience as an entrepreneur, developing companies from the ground up, led him to ZipDeal. Chip's passion about the customer experience is the reason he's highly sought after for many of the industry's biggest and best dealer conferences.

blair- site hs

Blair King

Director of Marketing

Blair brings over 10 years of auto industry experience, most recently as Director of Marketing for one of the top vendors in the industry. Blair has an expansive view of the business and has been able to apply her love for marketing to the automotive industry for the last 8 years in a variety of roles.


Tiffany Thomson

Customer Success Manager

Tiffany Thomson brings 12 years of experience in automotive sales and performance management. She has multi-channel experience in digital marketing, aggregate listings, websites, Google Analytics, digital retailing, finance, nd in-dealership training.

amanda- hs - website

Amanda Hubbard

Customer Success Manager

Amanda has over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry and thrives on improving the customer experience for her clients. Amanda loves building strong personal relationships, taking risks, and helping her clients improve their bottom line.


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